Automatic Accompaniment System

Chris Raphael, July 2006

What is "Music Plus One?"

The goals of my "Music Plus One" project are similar to the more familiar "Music Minus One" (MMO). MMO makes a recording of a piece of music for soloist and accompaniment, such as a sonata or concerto, where only the accompaniment is actually recorded. The music is prefaced by several warning clicks (something like Lawrence Welk's "and a one and a two and a ..."), and the soloist tries to play along with the recording. A heartfelt yet futile battle of wills follows which eventually results in the live player's unconditional surrender to the robotic insistence of the recording. Thus, contrary to both musical etiquette and common sense, the soloist must follow the accompaniment. (more)

Movie Examples

Here are some examples of an IU violinist performing with the accompaniment system.

High Quality Microsoft AVI 45 Mb
Medium Quality Microsoft AVI 25 Mb
Extremely compressed MPEG-4 2.4 Mb