Rachmaninov Piano Concerto 2, 2nd mvmt.

The second Rachmaninov Piano Concerto represents my latest effort in my research project, Music Plus One, which develops an "orchestra in box." This is computer program that plays an orchestral accompaniment to a live player. The orchestra listens to the live player and follows the player's interpretation; with the benefit of several rehearsals, the program even assimilates the soloist's interpretation to better anticipate and support the live player. My hope is that someday this program will be used and enjoyed by musicians throughout the world.

This example is unlike all others displayed on this site, at present. Perhaps the least significant difference is that you will not hear my oboe playing anywhere in the example. More important is that the solo instrument is a piano --- a polyphonic instrument. Since a crucial component of my research is score following (the "hearing" of the soloist), the polyphonic score following exhibited here represents a significantly more difficult domain than the monophonic variety that has previously been my focus.

For this recording I am indebted to Greg Hayes for his lovely piano playing, his willingness to participate in this rather unusual musical scenario, and his typically intelligent comments and suggestions. Also I must thank the Stuttgart Symphony Orchestra for recording the orchestra part to the concerto which I bought from the Music Minus One company; in particular, the beautifully played clarinet present the movement's opening measures.

I'd appreciate hearing what you pianists think of this.
Rachmaninov Piano Concerto 2, 2nd Mvmt, measures 1-93

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