Course Introduction

      This course deals with various music analysis and processing problems that use sampled audio as the primary data representation. We discuss, but do not emphasize, digital signal processing including filtering and its relationship to Fourier techniques. We will focus on applications including score following (online and offline), automatic music transcription and annotation from audio, musical accompaniment systems, as well as some useful audio effects. The class is open to all graduate students, but students should be prepared for some mathematics, computer science and statistics.


C. Raphael (


Tue/Thu 12:50 – 2:05  Eigenmann 925


Eigenmann 935,  T. (812)-856-1849

Office Hours

Wed/Thu 4:00 – 5:00 and by appointment


Kyung Ae Lim (

Office Hours

Fri 10:00 – 12:00 Eigenmann 930

     Course Materials

[01] Syllabus [02] R Tutorial
[03] R and Sound [04] R Examples
[05] Audio Files


[01] Homework 1  DUE 01/26/06

[02] Homework 2  DUE 02/07/06

[03] Homework 3  DUE 02/23/06

Spring 2006

Music Informatics
Indiana University School of Informatics