Arts Week Demonstration of Music Plus One

MPO was demonstrated live on 3-24-07 during Arts Week, which is an annual festival orgainzed by Indiana University, Bloomington. This year the theme was "Techonology and the Arts," which seems appropriate for this research. The program featured some discussion by Christopher Raphael and Mimi Zweig, as well as performances by two students in the Jacobs School of Music: Yoo-jin Cho playing the first movement of the Sibelius concerto and Thomas Rodgers on the first movement of the Beethoven concerto.

Here is a video that was taken from our presentation/concert:

Chris gives some background on Music Plus One--- Higher resolution version

Chris explains the demonstration and drops his microphone

Chris plays part of the Mozart Oboe 4tet Rondeau "normally"--- Higher resolution version

Chris tries to fool his system

Mimi Zwieg talks about her experience with Music Plus One--- Higher Resolution Version

Mimi introduces Yoo-jin Cho--- Higher Resolution Version

Yoo-jin on 1st movement of Sibelius Violin concerto

Mimi introduces Thomas Rodgers--- Higher Resolution Version

Thomas on 1st movement of Beethoven concerto

Applause and "thanks"

Local press coverage of the event

wmv of of entire Arts Week Presentation