There will be homework assignments consisting of computing experiments, problem solving, and expository writing.


45 %   Homework (Computing+Writing)
20 %   Midterm (in class March 6)
25 %   Final Exam
10 %   Class Participation (mandatory)

     Course Materials

1. Symbolic Representations
  (a) Visualizing Music Data
  (b) "Bag of Notes" Model
  (c) Key Recognition
  (d) Meter Analysis

2. Music Similarity
  (a) Metadata
  (b) Music Recommendation Systems (text similarity)
  (c) Edit Distance between Melodies (symbolic similarity)

3. Digital Audio
  (a) Representations and Aliasing
  (b) Pitch and Perio dicity
  (c) Ratios and Intervals
  (d) Equal Temp erament
  (e) Overtone Series and Timbre
  (f) Fourier Representations

4. Music on the Internet
  (a) Compression and Streaming
  (b) Copyright
  (c) Napster and its Legacy

We will see weekly demonstrations of current music research possibly including:

  - Comp osition by computer in familiar styles
  - Computer-generated jazz improvisation
  - Accompaniment systems for classical music
  - The Variations-3 digital library project
  - Synthesizing expressive piano performance (Rencon)
  - Audio illusions
  - Musical collaboration over the Internet
  - Audio Mosaicing